Cotton Double Layer Face Masks

Here in the UK it’s been a year since the first lockdown and we are now coming out of the third! I’m sure everyone is as excited as me to get out and about, but we still need to be prepared! So I made myself some new face masks and then made a few more….

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Safari Themed Children’s Bedding

The weather here in Norfolk, UK is looking pretty glorious this week! The sun has been shining and the spring bulbs are starting to open their flowers. A splash of white snow drops and a flourish of yellow daffodils is just what the soul needs at this time of year. But it has been pretty chilly, and not that long ago we had a full week of deep snow.

But! Luckily we had decided it was time to upgrade Little S’s bedding just before Xmas. We looked around for some and to be honest, it was horribly over-pricing and under-whelming! Boring patterns and nothing that I thought was worth spending that kind of money on… so out came the sewing machine!

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Girl’s Pinafore Dress

Well hello again! It’s been a while! I’ve been quite busy over this lockdown making things, and I figure it’s about time I got back to sharing them with you all.

What I want to showcase in this post is this lovely girl’s pinafore dress I made for Little S. It is just super cute in this cream floral cotton. I made it adjustable so she can grow quite a bit and still be able to wear it comfortably. This will be perfect for whilst it’s still a bit chilly as it’s nicely lined, and can be paired with tights or leggings, and have a T-shirt or maybe a light jumper underneath.

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Baby Hat Challenge – August 2020

The July hat was only posted a few days ago, but at least I am on time for the August one! The heatwave is FINALLY over! Thank goodness! Both Little S and myself were suffering in the heat. It was hot and dry for so long that all the leaves on the trees were going crispy and falling off – like a premature autumn! Thus, an autumnal themed baby hat…

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Crochet Raglan Style Girl’s Cardigan

We inherited nearly all of Little S’s clothes, but she is very tall for her age and we are quickly running out now. One of the things she seems to get annoyed with is cardigans… She is tall in the body, which means that the sleeves are always too long and even if you roll them up, they seem to get in the way! So, no more! I got my hook out and got creative. I made this as a birthday present to go alongside the crochet playmat.

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First Birthday Crochet Playmat – Part 7 Flower Border

All the squares are done now and joined together, phew! It’s only a few days to go so it was starting to get a little bit close to the wire! BUT I found this lovely flower stitch which I have adapted slightly and added a colour change to. I thought it would be worth the extra time it took to create this floral border!

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