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Review – Ledgle Neck Light

I asked for this for Xmas, and I was not disappointed! Here are my thoughts on this clever little light that could be used for reading or all sorts of crafts.

As a little backstory, I live in a lovely little bungalow in the countryside, but being a bungalow it can be quite dim if it isn’t blazing sunshine. And being in the middle of winter it is pretty grey and dull at the moment. We have energy saving bulbs which are fine unless you REALLY need to see what you are doing. I have found myself hovering by the window or sitting on the floor directly under the light shade… so for the sake of my eyesight I needed to find a solution!

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Baby Hat Challenge – February 2020

I figured I would try and get a head start with the February hat, but it has taken me TWO WEEKS to crochet this adorable little newborn sized hat! Illness and teething are denting my crafting time significantly at the moment!

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Seasonal Vegetable Calendar

Hubby knows I love my garden and last year while I was pregnant he even did some landscaping for me (cleared an area and sowed a lawn)! He heard about a calendar that detailed what vegetables would be in season in which month, and just HAD to get me one!

He knows me so well, I loved it and instantly had him put it up in the kitchen! The artist is living in Norfolk UK and I decided I would love to feature her as I just loved the idea!

Seasonal Vegetable Calendar by Artist Rebecca Rolf and her sister Graphic Designer Hayley

The artwork for all these veggies are done in watercolours and then digitised to create the design. The calendars are printed on 100% recycled paper, which is carbon balanced and certified by the World Land Trust, then printed in Aylsham by Barnwell Printers. They are being sold to fundraise for starting a shared community allotment for young families in Hevingham, Norfolk, UK. 

One of the creator’s is Rebecca Rolf and she was lovely enough to answer a few questions for me.

Tell me a little about yourself? I’m 29 and studied Environmental Science at UEA (University of East Anglia). Moving back home to Kent after university I spent a number of years missing Norwich, so I moved back up last year to be with family (including my adorable new nephews!) and try to get more of a balance to life, including pursuing what seems like a never ending list of passions! I guess you could call me an environmentalist when I start to describe these… I’m a Part Time Environmental Advisor, allotment enthusiast (although far from a veteran in this arena!), nature and plant lover, Charity Shop/Bootfair/Preloved fanatic, currently exploring various ways to reduce my personal impact… the list goes on. I would love to start up a community focused low impact store in my village, and one day aim to build my own self-sustainable community focused mini ‘eco-village’… and I guess you could say the calendars and shared allotment is one tiny step towards this goal!

Did you study art anywhere or has it just grown from a hobby? Only while I was at school up to A-level.

How long have you been doing your artwork? I’ve enjoyed art from a very young age. I discovered oil paints specifically on discovering an old pack of paints in an art cupboard at school when I was in sixth form. Studies diverted while I went to uni, and when I graduated (2012) I took a year out to solely focus on my art creating a couple of collections/themes of work, and hosting solo exhibitions in my home town in Kent, and in Group exhibitions in London and Norwich. Since then I have had a rather large gap but am restarting this side of my life now!

What mediums do you use and what is your favourite? Oil paints, and sometimes watercolours when I want to create quicker more illustrative type visuals, especially those that will be digitalised for design works like the calendars.

What inspired you to do these calendars? Originally they were intended as Christmas presents for university friends. We try to make our own gifts where ever possible – handmade soaps, scarves, chutneys, and macrame plant holders are just a few wonderful gifts I’ve received in return over the years. This gift was intended to bring together a love of growing veg and art. After seeing how helpful others found them I wanted to spread the love a little wider! It also meant I could fund an idea to bring unused allotments back into use and provide a space for young families to get involved in growing their own fruit and vegetables. In my head its a wonderful self perpetuating cycle!

Do you have a garden? Yes luckily! I tried an astroturf balcony when I was renting in my previous job in Kent, and I missed real plants so much! I’d like to think they missed me too… as real grass started growing through the astroturf where tiny rabbit dropping remnants and dried grass feed had started forming there own little ecosystem!!!

If you had a message for my readers what would it be? Never underestimate your ability to make a positive difference.

I love her message that anyone can make a difference! If you would like to check out her work or say hello then please pop over to her social media.

Rebecca Rolf Instagram

Rebecca Rolf Facebook

I am delighted to hear that there is a new sowing calendar on the way too! I will definitely be wanting one to hang in my kitchen!


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Red Sky in The Morning…

The solstice has been and gone, so the mornings are slowly but steadily getting lighter again.

Hubby left for work, but came rushing back in to tell me to look outside. I’m so pleased he did!

January sunrise in North Norfolk UK

Look how beautiful the sunrise was! I was just getting dressed at the time, and if he hadn’t pointed it out I would of missed it!

It’s nice to just pause sometimes, take a deep breath and look at something beautiful.


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Blue Sky Moments

It’s January, it’s cold and dark and mostly raining where I live. My garden has heavy clay soil, so the water is just sitting on the top looking like a murky pond. Hubby and I share a car, and he has it for work during the day, so if the weather isn’t good, this mumma ain’t going out and getting soaked… unless I have to!

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